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About Us

Delivering Our Multiple Expertise For Your Multiple Excellence

We are the best  Indonesian consultancy and training  company for  Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015  and Occupational Health and Safety Management System  ISO 45001:2018. Multiple Training & Consulting (MTC)  provides the best solution that will give multiple benefits for our clients. MTC  is committed to helping our clients implement the right  profitable strategy on an ongoing basis to develop their systems.

Our Services

Our  ISO Consultation Package offers a complete hand-holding service. MTC Consultant  will work with all levels of the company interacting with the company directors and individual departments to ensure that all staff are left in no doubt of the importance of their continued involvement with, conformance to and development of the standard. Starting from our Essential Package level, the MTC consultant will take the company further, through a complete TQM-style exercise ensuring the organisation gains maximum benefit from their ISO system investment.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
MLC 2006
ISO 22000:2018 (HACCP)
ISO 21001:2018
ISO 27001:2013

Our Advantages

All our ISO consultants are experienced and qualified and have  IRCA Lead auditor qualifications or equivalent with wide range of combined expertise

One System Approach

Multiple Training & Consulting  approach is truly unique in our industry. Unlike many consulting organizations that work to fit an organization into ISO, we will help you and your team to integrate ISO into your organization. This approach ensures that you have only one system to manage; your business. With the help of our experienced consultants you will never have to manage ISO as a separate set of requirements that fall outside your business processes.

Global Konowledge, Local Practice​

To create Client Results, the right solution should be selected and executed. At MTC, we constantly explore and apply new management practices and methodologies. Localization of knowledge and practices is highly significant to our success. With multiple experience and expertise in adapting management concepts and methodologies to the local context, our Clients can achieve the desired results at a faster rate with minimal risk of mishaps.

Uniqe Clients, Uniqe Consulting Services

No two clients are the same. Competition, customer expectations, core values, management competencies, cultures, and strategic positioning all make each company unique. Therefore, MTC believes in developing unique solutions to each Client.

Understanding The Client Needs

With our wide range of combined expertise, we are able to provide valuable business improvement insights and a targeted service to almost any industry or company type from small to large, heavy industry to service organisations.